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Kim Klotz

Kim appreciates that pleasing her clients is a huge responsibility, she takes very seriously. Her passion is offering luxury service for her upscale clientele with unequaled, personalized service. Having lived in many parts of South Florida, coming from Los Angeles and traveling the world she has an eye for discovering unique neighborhoods and what makes them special. Her goal has always been to help clients realize their dreams of living and sharing with their families, a place they truly love. She is passionate about being a realtor, with one goal in mind, to continually exceed her client’s expectations. Kim’s clients trust her with what is likely to be one of the most important decision they will contemplate. She is relentless in the pursuit of her client’s interests. Her philosophy is to leave no stone unturned to deliver the exceptional service her clients deserve. Kim’s expertise is in new construction and residential luxury real estate. She has over 10 years’ experience and expertise in assisting clients with their real estate needs. Kim’s ability to create a terrific deal with her gift for numbers and personal relationships makes her a superstar in the real estate arena.
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